Which subjects generate more money per pageview?

Advertising is the main revenue sources for many websites but not all web pages are created equal. How much money can one generate per page view? It really depends on the contents of the web pages and the viewers. In general, the income per thousand pageview (CPM) can range from $1-$50 for most websites. Search, travel and local search seem to generate high CPM.

Here is a list I complied based on a recent article in Business 2.0 on making money with blogs and publicly available information (some numbers were mentioned in interviews and blogs and may not be accurate. For Google, only revenue from their own websites is included (60% of their total revenue).

Name Monthly Pageviews Monthly Revenue eCPM
Google 10B $333M $33
Myspace.com 27B $25M $1
Plentyoffish.com 500M $500K $1
Dogster/Catster 15M $100K $7
Boingboing.net 23M $83K $4
Gawker/Gizmodo 66M $250K $4
Techcrunch 2M $60K $30
Rocketboom 9M $340K $43
PaidContent.org 5M $83K $16
Fark.com 40M $800K $20
CNET 2.8B $30M $11
TripAdvisor.com 200M $8.3M $42
Travelzoo.com 100M $4.2M $42
CitySearch.com 110M $5M $45

eCPM = effective income per thousand pageviews

Let me know if you have access to information on pageviews and revenue of other websites.

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  1. Hopper on

    Very interesting stats, makes my $2.50/month look insignificant, hang on a moment – it is insignificant.



  2. Money Making Forum on

    Great information 🙂

  3. Blaise on

    Too much of a good thing is good for nothing. Blaise.

  4. Andrew Koyfman on

    This is great information. Thanks for putting it together.



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